It’s never been
more important
to stand together.

Our union is fighting for you. Register as a permanent absentee voter to make your voice heard for your community.

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Other ways to stay connected in the fight to protect our students, our schools, and each other:

  • Make sure your community gets the resources it needs—complete your census form. Visit for more information.
  • Sign our petition to tell Governor Newsom to close Calbright College.
  • Share your story. How can we help you navigate the COVID-19 crisis? How are you and your fellow members coming together to stay #CFTUnited?
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  • Visit for important updates, resources, and information.

We’re fighting to protect our funding.

Our schools are the key to recovery, but we need resources to reopen safely. We’re fighting in Sacramento and Washington, DC, to protect funding to ensure our students, staff and communities stay safe.

We’re here to help you navigate.

We’re working with locals to advocate for staff and students at the bargaining table every step of the way. We’re committed to providing CFT members with the resources and up-to-date information you need.

We’re fighting for equity.

We’re fighting for equity across the board, from distance learning to special ed to early childhood ed to nutrition, from EC/TK-12 education through the university system.

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