It’s never been more important to stand up for fully funded, accessible, and equitable schools. As educators, classified professionals, and faculty, we’re committed to our students, our communities, and each other. Our voice makes a difference for quality public education—we’re stronger together.

Protect public schools.

We believe in the power and promise of education. A good education is the key to opportunity, and strong public schools make our communities vibrant. This is our moment to stick together at the polls to fight for our families and future generations.

Vote with educators.

Vote for candidates who are champions for public education in California. Before you sit down to fill out your ballot, please take a moment to review CFT’S EDUCATORS CHOICE VOTER GUIDE (and sign up for voting reminders).

It’s never been more important to vote!
  • Mail your ballot back ASAP
  • Track your ballot:
  • Or, return your ballot in person through Nov. 3 (7a.m.–8p.m.)
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